What’s Holding Blockchain Back From Large-Scale Adoption? 

Date and Time of Webinar

22 September 2018, 07:00AM GMT

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About the Webinar

How can the Blockchain industry grow? How can we turn the blockchain hype into something concrete? Is Community building key to growing the industry and encourage mainstream adoption? Join us at this webinar and hear from Cryptology Exchange Ray Li, Director of Business Development and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Mr Kevin Vuong discuss issues facing the blockchain industry and share tips and insights on how you investors can stay savvy and capitalise on this growing industry. 

About the Speakers

Ray Li – Director of Business Development at Cryptology Community Exchange
Ray is a passionate fintech and banking professional, with over 10 years of experience in the fintech and banking industry. Ray holds a Master in Information and Technology from the University of Technology of Sydney and a Master in Business Information Systems from the University of Sydney.

Kevin Vuong – Director of Strategic Initiatives of Cryptology Community Exchange
Kevin is an Innovative and business-savvy professional with 17+ years of experiences in global senior management roles such as Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Operations, Business Analyst, Market Research, Business Development and Consultancy. Active as Professional Trainer & Start-up coach.
Kevin is currently running for the Doctor of Business Administration, Management and Operations holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in International Management and Marketing.

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